Las Vegas

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Vegas' 8 Best Bars with a View

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Where you can go to drink in the sights with cocktail in hand

Everyone knows that Las Vegas is all about the bright lights, the glitz and glam, and most importantly, having a good time. It's easy to get lost in the craziness of the party scene, which is why sometimes, it's nice to take a step back (or in this case, a step up) and look at the big picture — with a drink in hand, naturally.

To take full advantage of the stunning sights of the strip, many of the city's bars and lounges have made the ascent to the highest floors of their respective hotels. The Rio's VooDoo Lounge, for example, sits a staggering 50 floors above street level. But if that doesn't give you a good enough view of Sin City, you can always climb the outdoor suspended staircase to the 51st floor deck. Craving an even better vantage point from your Vegas bar experience? Just take the elevator in the Palms' to the 55th floor and you'll be at Ghostbar.

That said, when it comes to great views, altitude isn't always everything. The new Chateau Nightclub in the Paris Hotel may not be located as high up as other bars, but it's still one of the best places to to catch the Bellagio water show. As Steve Davidovici, the club's managing partner, explained to Las Vegas Blogs, "it's a low vantage point so you get the street scene, the Bellagio... you're getting a full 360 degree view of the Las Vegas Strip from anywhere on the terrace." Sounds a lot more fun than standing on the crowded street with an oversized souvenir cup cocktail warming in your grip.

So the next time you happen to wake up in Vegas, head to one of these spots to drink in the stunning cityscape... and a cocktail or two.

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