Vancouver's Top 5 Spots for Hot Pots

Gastrofork gives us the hot spots for hot pots

In and around the city, Vancouver is home to some delicious hot pot spots.

Now I can’t say I do hot pot too often, but the places I’ve been have been great, although some are super expensive for having to sit and cook your own food. This list is generally Asian hot pot places and not just Chinese hot pot. Remember that some places have an entirely different way of serving hot pot or have different types of dishes, but I’ll guide you through some… Oh, and don't go too fancy, your clothes are going to smell afterward...

1) Chubby Lamb 
Chubby Lamb is a small but extremely popular hot pot joint, so make reservations! This is an all-you-can-eat (AYCE) Chinese hot pot place with lots of great variety and refillable pop! I believe it is cash-only, but the price is not too bad.

2) Fatty Cow Hotpot 
The newest of the bunch, Fatty Cow, is a clean, medium-sized restaurant and the food is commendable. This is also an AYCE Chinese hot pot place and the price is average.

3) Posh
Posh is a different type of AYCE hot pot: it's Japanese sukiyaki. All of their locations are always so busy, the food is great, and the atmosphere is dark and modern. The best way to enjoy your hot pot? Crack a raw egg, mix it up, and dip your hot pot ingredients into it! Take a walk on the wild side.

4) Insadong
This is a Korean seafood hot pot restaurant. The food is similar to Chinese hot pot, but the broth is spicy. Insadong takes cash, credit/debit, and is about $20/person. Insadong is not an AYCE hot pot. But check out my review for more details! Another Korean hot pot place I hear good things about? Norboo on Robson…

5) Top Gun Hot Pot 
Another Chinese hot pot resto, I find their pricing a little more expensive than most places ($23+), but they have all your typical hot pot fare located in Burnaby! Their food is delicious so I don’t mind paying the price. They also own Garden City Hot Pot in Richmond.

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