Value Pinots for the Holidays

High-quality, low-price wines to serve this holiday season

Pinot noir is probably the most popular choice for Thanksgiving Day tables and the holiday parties that follow. This can present certain problems, mainly the difficult challenge of finding high-quality pinots at wallet-friendly prices.

High quality pinot is a bit of a vague description, and rightfully so. I recently tasted through two dozen value-priced pinot noirs (that’s less than $16 for those who are counting), and I was pleased to find a few standouts among the bunch. Each offered a different take and style of pinot, meaning that every pinot lover can find a wine that he or she will love to share this holiday season without breaking the bank. From light, intense, and etched to opulently blackberry fruited and dosed with vanilla, there is a great value wine here for every palate.

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— Gregory Del Piaz, Snooth