Valrhona Launches World's First 'Blond' Chocolate

Chocolate lovers will have yet another category to love or look down upon; French chocolatier Valrhona has launched their latest chocolate bar, this time going blond.

According to a press release, the chocolate is made from roasted white chocolate, created after a chocolatier accidentally left white chocolate in a bain-marie for some 10 hours. The white chocolate turned blond and gave of the aroma of "roasted Breton shortbread."

Valrhona has made their blond chocolate available to pastry chefs for some time now, but now the chocolatier is launching the Dulcey bar (available online), a blond chocolate bar made with pure cocoa butter. Notes say the first taste is buttery, toasty, and sweet, and gives way to the flavor of salted shortbread. Not a bad description; we imagine all sorts of bakers to get on the Dulcey wave with some blondies, not to mention a blond Valrhona Doughnut Plant donut. One can dream.