Valentine's Day Cocktails

Drinks for every Valentine's Day mood: romantic, sweet, spicy — and a few for broken hearts, too

Get ready for a great night full of delicious drinks — no matter what's in store for you.

Valentine’s Day is just around the bend, and whether you’re planning a romantic evening at home for you and your honey, you’re nursing a broken heart, or you’re celebrating your singleness with friends, these special cocktails will help you start your night off right — or bring it to a sweet close.

Valentine's Day Cocktails (Slideshow)

If your darling tends to favor cocktails that veer to  the sweet side, they'll be sure to care for the Whipped Valentine or the Dozen Red Roses  — sweet, fluffy, and great as dessert all on their own — or as an accompaniment to a slice of cake or tart. The Dark Desire and Je T'aime, also in the "dessert drinks" camp, will surely widen the eyes of your favorite chocolate lover.[related]

If you’re hosting a Valentine’s Day bash with single friends, or if you’re collectively getting over broken hearts, consider the more bittersweet —  and complex — craft cocktails, such as the Wilted Bouquet, which quite accurately bills itself as "a potent potable to consume while contemplating the ultimate demise of that %&@*#& who broke your heart." The citrusy Bloody Valentine will work well in tandem with these one. They take very different tacks but will get you to the same place — these would pair well together at your party. In neutral territory, we've got the fresh Mockingbird Cocktail, which would be perfect for a good night in whether you're choosing to think about St. Valentine this February 14th or not.

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Get ready for a great night full of delicious drinks — no matter what's in store for you.