Valentine’s Day Tips from Justin Warner

We chatted with chef Justin Warner about his favorite ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Tips

While Valentine’s Day is typically all about the candy, it isn’t exactly the most creative gift. That is why Food Network Star winner Justin Warner thinks outside the box when it comes to making this holiday special.

“One time I gave a chick a flower potted in one half of my favorite pair of shoes,” says Warner. “My girlfriend and I are pretty romantic every day. Green tea, grapefruit, and a bunch of ILU's is a great way to start the day.”

To help you make your Valentine’s Day special, Warner chatted with us about his latest no-bake recipe and his Valentine’s Day memories.

Valentine's Day typically means tons of chocolate and sweets, what do you do to keep it fresh on Valentine’s Day?

 Instead of buying a box of chocolates, I like to prepare a batch of my Cabernet Chocolate Cherry Cookies. They pair perfectly with the wine you use in the recipe, Robert Mondavi Private Selection Cabernet, and are a more personalized gift. Also, since they are no bake, prep is quick and easy, leaving more time to enjoy the holiday together.

Have anything special planned this year?

I'm going to work. As a career hospitalitarian, V-Day is when I get to be cupid. Good food, good service, good ambiance is a very aphrodisiacal combination, and I get to administer it.

Is there a must-make romantic dish for Valentine's Day?

Stroganoff. Kidding, I think it's better to stay on the lighter side of the food chain. Wings, fins, and roots is where I generally head.  Eating a pound of pork belly sounds like a recipe for not being able to get up to put on some Marvin Gaye.

Have a funny/embarrassing Valentine’s Day story?

Once, after work, I hung out with Brooke Shields on Valentine's Day. We drank beer.

What’s the biggest mistake couples make when dining out on Valentine’s Day?

Forcing it in so many facets.

What is your favorite bar pick up line?

"I'm Justin Warner" generally does the trick.

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