Urban Outfitters Wants to Open a Restaurant in Williamsburg

Urban Outfitters' new shop is looking for a full liquor license

Urban Outfitters is opening its first outpost in Williamsburg, where it has clearly wanted to live this whole time. But the new shop won't just be a place to buy floral sundresses and ironic phrenology busts, because it looks like the owners are hoping that the new place will also be a bar and restaurant.

"No liquor license application has yet been filed with the SLA," writes Grub Street's Hugh Merwin. "But buried at the bottom of an agenda of more than 50 bars and restaurants up for liquor licenses at Monday night's CB1 Brooklyn meeting was this totally non-cryptic nugget: 'Urban Outfitters, Inc, 98 North 6th Street (new, liquor, rest).'"

A few Urban Outfitters locations in other areas have sandwich shops or cafés. Last year two Urban Outfitters Terrain stores, which are shops for home décor and gardening supplies, opened restaurants with high-end entrées like striped bass and a $39 rib-eye, which could be a likely fate for the planned outpost in Williamsburg.


The shop also appears to be going for a full liquor license for the new space. Oh, maybe it's a speakeasy! Because what would be better than directing one's friends to "the secret bar under the Williamsburg Urban Outfitters"?