Uproot Wines Creates Secret Club with Surprise Launch Party

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Uproot Wines has created a secret club, and we’re itching to become a member
Uproot Wines Creates Secret Club with Surprise Launch Party
Uproot Winery

The Block isn't your average wine club, it is so much more!

Were there ever secret clubs you wanted to be a part of when you were a kid? Yeah, us too. As adults these clubs seem to have morphed into secret societies; there are chic wine clubs, dance clubs, and cooking clubs that are tricky to join. And now there’s a new social club that we can’t wait to check out called "The Block." Sounds chic, right? And it is. The Block was created by Uproot Wines but they're kicking off their first event with the help of Kitchensurfing.com. What exactly is a wine company doing starting a social club? Well, according to a recent press release, the concept is actually pretty simple: Uproot Wines wanted to bring together "great people, awesome wine, and cool technology."

There are some great perks to being a part of The Block, which include insider access to national events and parties, private, chic venues for social gatherings, early access to new vintages, virtual tastings, winemaker dinners, and more. Not everyone can become a member of The Block, however, and there’s an application process. To become a member, those that are interested have to request membership by signing up on Uproot’s website. Once you’re accepted as a member, you’ll receive all the insider information about upcoming events and private tastings based upon your location.

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As if this wasn’t enough, there’s a massive party to kick off the launch of The Block, but of course, this is a secret, too. To qualify for entry to the kickoff celebration event at the super-secret location, visitors need to sign up for Uproot’s e-newsletter by Nov. 7. After that you’ll be entered to win a potential seat at this special event. Since it’s not open to the public, only members of The Block will receive details such as the date, city, and other event-related information. It doesn’t seem like there’s much to lose by signing up for The Block — especially if it means special access to events like the kickass kickoff party.