Upgraded Boxed Cake Mix

Photo courtesy of Baked Bree

Boxed cake mix is a grown up version of Easy Bake Oven but instead of watching a dinky lightbulb cook the goop we're now trusted with an actual oven. That's adulthood.

Might as well try to give the goop some class, right? Try these ingredient hacks (no, the list does not include using soda instead of eggs... it's nasty and scientifically dumfounding) to make boxed cake much more interesting.

Photo courtesy of Midget Mama

Photo courtesy of Midget Momma

First, add some extra moisture and density. Some options:

1. Add a packet of instant pudding mix. Use vanilla instant pudding for yellow cake, chocolate instant pudding for chocolate cake... you get the picture.
2. Add an extra egg.
3. Add 1 cup sour cream
4. Add 1/4 cup mayonnaise.

Photo courtesy of Two Parts Sweet

Photo courtesy of Two Parts Sweet

Next, swap your liquid.

1. Swap the oil for melted butter and the water for milk or buttermilk.
2. For chocolate cake, swap the water for room temperature coffee or Kahlua for a mocha taste.
3. Swap the milk and oil for 2 cups melted ice cream. Any flavor works. Go crazy.
4. Swap the water for orange or apple juice in a vanilla cake.

Photo courtesy of The Confectionary Cave

Photo courtesy of The Confectionary Cave

Last, enhance the flavor. Some ideas:

1. Add 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.
2. Add zest from a lemon, lime or orange.
3. Replace some of the liquid with chocolate syrup.
4. Add chocolate chips, sprinkles, chopped nuts, 1 teaspoon cinnamon or other add-ins.

Photo courtesy of Baking Vintage

Photo courtesy of Baking Vintage

Cake mix is child's play compared to real recipes, but with some minor modifications even the cheapest box of Betty Crocker can taste (relatively) homemade. 

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