Unlimited Food for NCAA Athletes Could Be on the Table

Unlimited Food for NCAA Athletes Could Be on the Table
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UConn's Shabazz Napier is just one of many college atheletes who may be talented on the court but have to play on empty stomachs.

University of Connecticut Shabazz Napier caused a stir after March Madness ended, and it wasn’t just because his team won the NCAA championship. Napier said in a post-game interview that he sometimes goes to bed starving because he can’t afford food. The unionization of college athletes has been a current popular discussion but now the NCAA will be voting on April 24th to approve unlimited meals and snacks for athletes in the NCAA. The council has already approved the measure, but now it must pass through the Division I Board of Directors.

“I don't think we need someone worrying on our behalf that we're either underfeeding or overfeeding our athletes," Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon told ESPN. "Hopefully we can figure it out all by ourselves. Institutions should be able to recognize from a budget sensibility what constitutes reasonable limits.”

According to ESPN, schools have been previously been allowed to provide three meals per day or a stipend for those meals to scholarship athletes, but the new measure would have all schools in Division I participate in this program, and the meals and snacks would not just be limited to three per day.

Athletes aren’t the only college students who are struggling to make ends meet. The Daily Meal recently reported that the number of university food pantries is on the rise. 

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