8 Unique New Year's Eve Parties

There is an inordinate amount of pressure put on where and how one chooses to spend New Year's Eve.

Do you go big, flashy nightclub with the great dancing, not-so-great drinks, and steep ticket price? Or do you opt instead to dress up and make it a special evening at your favorite local dive? Better yet, maybe you have friends hosting a big bash at their place (where you know they're will be free drinks, your favorite music, no lines, and couch to crash on if need be). Point is, it's the last night of the year, and whatever your party style, you want to make it count.  

If you've got your heart set on going out and are scrambling for a little last-minute party inspiration, we've come up with a list of unique and totally worthwhile events happening at bars and nightclubs across the country. From an glittery-attire-required blow-out bash in New York to a '90s music party in Boston, these parties will ensure you have a memorable night ringing in the New Year.