Unique Circle Yachts: Customization Wrapped In a Futuristic Exoskeleton


If Ridley Scott is looking for a bizarre yacht to feature in his Prometheus follow-up or anticipated Blade Runner sequel, I think I've found it…or them, rather. "Unique Circle Yachts" is conceived by Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), and is a family of five 90m vessels designed to mimic the fluidity of water. With coral-like cut-outs creating a smooth exoskeleton, the yachts have the perfect look for any science fiction film or trendy billionaire.

"As a dynamic object that moves in dynamic environments, the design of a yacht must incorporate additional parameters beyond those for architecture — which all become much more extreme on water," explains Zaha Hadid. "Each yacht is an engineered platform that integrates specific hydrodynamic and structural demands, together with the highest levels of comfort, spatial quality and safety."

In partnership with naval architects Blohm+Voss, the yachts are inspired by their "Mother Ship" (see what I mean about science fiction?), a 128m concept that has given birth to the five smaller projects. The design team used hydrodynamic research to shape the hulls, varying the thickness throughout the interwoven exoskeletons. According to ZHA, traditional yachts adhere to a "horizontal order," but the exoskeleton works as a connection between the many decks, as well as between the five different yachts. "Each will vary in the density or intensity of lattices, space on deck, the possible inclusion of a sundeck on the bow or the loggia and balcony forming the exterior pool as well as a bow with unique expression according to the conceptual design," says Blohm+Voss.

The first of the five to be technically specified in detail is the 90m JAZZ. Able to be crafted to meet specific demands, the vessel is highly customizable. The interior of JAZZ features bowing and arching elements all throughout, bring the exterior fluidity inside. Based on the conceptual images, the shell doesn't get in the way of panoramic views, but if you want certain areas to be more shut off from the outside world, the design teams promise that they can layer the lattice-like exterior to give more closure.

"The idea of the Unique Circle Yachts allows for variation of a genotype and its phenotypes, offering a range of possible solutions based on a cognate platform," says Dr. Herbert Aly, CEO + Managing Partner Blohm+Voss. "As a result, Zaha Hadid's design is malleable to suit the individual wishes and needs of a potential customer which lies at the heart of our approach to yacht design. The strength of the design lies not just in its functionality and form, but also its effortless adaptability."

No word on price just yet, but if you want one of these Unique Circle Yachts for yourself, contact Blohm+Voss Shipyards.