Underground Supper Club with Mystery Chefs to Launch in DC

The Arcane Supper Club will host a series of underground dinner parties, beginning on a theme of gluttony

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Adventurous diners in Washington D.C. will have the chance to participate in a secret supper club.

On April 5th, Arcane, the “avant-garde Supper Club” will launch in Washington, D.C., and will maintain a dress code that is “artsy, chic, daring, skin, and offensive” for guests who wish to take part in a variety of “addictive pleasures.” For $35, guests will have access to unlimited food and drinks from five mystery chefs, at an undisclosed location.

In an email exchange with Young and Hungry, Arcane’s founder said that confidentiality was a key component of the supper club, whose upcoming event will focus on a theme of gluttony.[related]

“The chefs involved work in the high-profile Washingtonian scene and so do I," wrote Arcane’s anonymous founder. "Arcane is a place where they can showcase their culinary expertise in an underground setting. The whole objective is for our target audience to come and enjoy art, music, and cuisine and just BE. Who you are, what you are simply doesn't matter."

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