An Under-500 Calorie Meal - That Actually Tastes Good

We created a low-calorie, healthy and easy meal that is actually delicious and satisfying.
Under 500-Calorie Meal
Photo courtesy of Yasmin Fahr

Under 500-Calorie Meal

Creating an under-500 calorie menu – that a food-loving person would actually enjoy – seemed to be a daunting task at first, but it turned out to be much easier (and tastier) than we had imagined. Good thing herbs are incredibly low in calories, so adding these flavor-enhancing ingredients to the dish was one of the smartest things that we did. Here are some of the other things we learned along the way:

Creamy avocado is a perfect substitute for oil-based dressings and binds the ingredients together perfectly to produce a crunchy, sweet and smooth salad with an invigorating taste of cilantro. A sprinkle of ground coriander seeds brightens the dish and adds an exotic aroma.

Baking fish in foil is a fantastic, healthy and low-calorie method of cooking. Because we are steaming the fish, we need only a little bit of oil and a lot of herbs and seasonings to produce an incredibly aromatic, tender and moist fillet. Plus the lemon-and-coriander soaked juices, still bubbling from the oven and the soft, vibrant vegetables are never a disappointment. You can also use this method on the grill.

Here's our satisfying, easy and healthy menu:

Coriander-Dusted Avocado, Chickpea and Scallion Salad

Foil-Baked Flounder with Lemon, Herbs, Steamed Snap Beans and Quinoa