Uncorked Love: DIY Valentine’s Day Project

This easy, fun project is perfect for your wine-loving lover

Fall in love with this simple project.

If you find the most romantic thing about Valentine’s Day to be the wine, you are in luck. Sentimental wine lovers often save corks from meaningful bottles of wine rather than holding onto the much larger empty bottles. If this sounds like you, you are in luck! You can put those corks to good use and create a cork heart for the one you love or just decorate your place for the holiday. Corks are a rather versatile crafting tool, so there are so many ways to work them into a gift or make a decorative statement. Here are a few ideas to get you started — all you’ll need is a hot glue gun and a sturdy frame.

Cork Heart

If you do save the corks of your old wine bottles, you can make a gorgeous heart 3-D sculpture with the help of a hot glue gun and a sturdy frame. Red wine corks make for a particularly adorable heart, but if you want color, simply dip your cork in acrylic paint. Keep in mind that the corks are porous and it may take a few tries to get the hue that you are looking for.

Cork Wreath
You can transform your old corks into a sustainable door decoration by fashioning them into a circle or even the shape of a heart. Be playful and add accents like burlap for a natural, seasonal look or decorate with red flowers or seasonal paint to give it a romantic look.


Cork Board
Make a creative collage with a literal corkboard. Simply hot glue corks in any pattern and — voilà! — you have yourself a nifty homemade gift!