Unconventional French Toast Recipes for Your Weekend Brunch

Inspired French toast that's perfect for weekend brunch
Sweet French Toast
Barbara Kiebel

Give your brunch a boost with these unconventional French toast recipes.

The weekend has finally arrived, and here at The Daily Meal our favorite part is always brunch. For us, it’s a time to kick back, relax with friends, have a mimosa (or two), and eat some darn good food. And this weekend, we’re craving French toast.

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We love the classic kind — thick bread sprinkled with a little bit of powdered sugar and drizzled with maple syrup — but there are so many ways to spruce it up that we figured we’d give you our most beloved, unconventional recipes for the weekend so you can make them at home on your lazy Sunday.

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By using a variety of different breads, like brioche and panettone, and fillings like peanut butter and jelly, our recipes feature something for every type of food lover. The sweet and holiday-inspired gingerbread French toast and the savory, breakfast-gone-wild bacon, egg, and cheese French toast are sure to impress your guests with a brunch like they’ve never tasted before.