Someone in Japan Invented Eel-Flavored Soda for a Refreshing Summer Treat

Eel-flavored soda is a thing that exists in Japan now


A Japanese company has created a limited-edition eel-flavored soda as a refreshing summer treat. 

There’s nothing like a nice, refreshing soda when it’s hot outside, but one Japanese company is celebrating summer by making a pretty strange new beverage that tastes like eel, and it remains to be seen if the idea is wonderful or just plain weird.

According to Rocket News 24, the eel-flavored soda will be produced by Kimura Inryou, a beverage company based in Shizuoka Prefecture. Grilled eel is a specialty of Shizuoka Prefecture, so the new soda makes sense, except for the fact that it is eel-flavored soda.

According to Rocket News 24, the soda is “flavored with eel extract,” which means eel extract is a thing that exists already. The eel extract reportedly makes the soda taste like kabayaki, or grilled eel that has been marinated in soy sauce. Grilled eel is delicious over rice, but it is unclear how delicious it will be when served cold as a fizzy, bottled beverage.


Adventurous eaters can find out for themselves on July 21, when the limited-edition soda becomes available at highway rest stops and gift stores, as well as online. The unagi soda will sell for approximately $2 a bottle, which is a small price to pay to be able to tell all your friends that you drank eel-flavored soda.