Umami Burger Dabbling In Barbecue, Opening Roadhouse LA

Just as Umami Burger is amping up for its New York openings (three locations have been announced so far), the restaurant group is snatching up known New York pitmaster Robbie Richter for a Los Angeles barbecue joint.

Partering up with restaurant event company This Is Not a Pop-Up, Umami Restaurant Group has taken on Robbie Richter, formerly of Hill Country and Zak Pelaccio's Fatty 'Cue to open Roadhouse LA at the Hollywood Improv this summer (8162 Melrose Ave.).

Richter, who left Fatty 'Cue back in 2011, has been mum about his upcoming projects; menu items look to be cross-cultured, with items like paneer and smoked curried goat gravy, pork ribs with a fish sauce, pimiento mac and cheese, and a "head of the day," not to mention whole shoulders of lamb, beef, or pork. "We are going to have fun infusing global flavors into such a uniquely American culinary genre," Umami CEO Adam Fleischman said in a press release.