Starbucks Secret Menu Items And How To Order Them Like A Pro

Starbucks customers know the situation all too well: You're standing in line, preparing to recite the precise order of the five different descriptors that constitute your go-to drink, when you hear the person in front of you make a request so foreign sounding it completely throws off your concentration. That's right, they've gone and ordered some crazy-sounding drink off the Starbucks secret menu.

Starbucks Secret Menu Items and How to Order Them Like a Pro Gallery

A Zebra Mocha? A Grande Green Eye? A Crunch Berry Frappuccino? Say what? They may sound like a far cry from the standard drip cup or your simple Mocha Frappuccino, but these drinks are not merely Starbucks folklore. And really, considering that the coffee giant has in years past boasted offering some 87,000 different drink combinations, that such "secret" items exist should not be too surprising.

As it turns out, many of your fast-food and restaurant chain favorites have "secret" menus — places like Taco Bell, Wendy's, Subway, Chipotle, and the beloved West Coast cult favorite In-N-Out. Starbucks' off-the-menu items have become as widely publicized as (if not more than) In-N-Out's, and they are known broadly enough that you won't get the hairy eyeball from the barista when you ask for a Double Dirty Iced Chai.

Just remember that not all of these oh-so-clever names are universal, so if you're planning on ordering one, you'd better know how to tell your barista to prepare it. (And don't be surprised if you have to pay a little extra.)

Get ready to make your next trip to the coffee behemoth a little more interesting (albeit complicated) with this in-the-know guide to the "secret" drinks at Starbucks.

Maryse Chevriere, Shannon Darnall and Taylor Rock contributed to this round-up.