The Ultimate Guide to Free Food for Summer

Restaurants give away free food; want to know when to get in line?

So you are on your way to work and you see an incredibly long line at Starbucks. You sarcastically say to yourself, "You would think they are giving away something," but little do you know, that could be exactly what they’re doing. Restaurants give away freebies for their anniversaries, customers' birthdays, random "holidays," and more, so it pays to be in-the-know before the line is wrapping around the corner.

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Free Ice Cream

July 15, 2012, could be just about the best day of the year for ice cream lovers, especially since Baskin-Robbins is giving away free ice cream. Along with select locations giving away free scoops, one Baskin- Robbins fan will receive a $260 Baskin-Robbins gift card. For a chance to win, tweet your favorite flavor on July 15 with the hashtag #BRFlavors. If you are one of the thousands who don't win, you have a chance to get one free scoop of ice cream on your birthday by joining the Baskin-Robbins birthday club.

Free French Fries

Line up, french fries enthusiasts, National French Fry day is July 13 and restaurants are celebrating by giving away free orders. From 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., national chain The Burger Joint will be offering one free order of french fries to every customer. Simultaneously, Red Robin will be serving free sweet potato fries, for those who are searching for a healthier way to celebrate.

Free Cupcakes

Free cupcakes are given away every day at Georgetown Cupcakes to 100 customers per location. To be one of those lucky winners you have to follow Georgetown Cupcakes on Twitter and order the "secret (not-on-the menu) flavor." You will receive the secret cupcake for free. Now, that's a reason to watch your Twitter feed.

Free Starbucks

Also on July 13 Starbucks will launch its new "Refreshers" and will be giving the new drink away. From noon to 3 p.m. , you can pick up a tall "Refresher" for free at Starbucks; your daily afternoon Starbucks run will not go in vain with a free drink.

Free Cheesecake

Eli’s Cheesecake will be giving away free slices of cheesecake on July 26 to honor National Cheesecake Day. From 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., one slice of free cheesecake will be given to each customer. Also, free continental breakfast will be offered to market customers with a $5 purchase. This freebie is all day so it is almost impossible to miss.