Ultimate Cocktail Challenge Announces Winners For Best Spirits And Cocktails

You probably have go-to cocktail you like mix up at home, but have you ever been able to truly discover the best ingredients to put in it? Last week, the Ultimate Beverage Challenge announced the results of the Ultimate Cocktail Challenge, which took place at Center in New York City in early June. The competition brings together the most knowledgeable and experienced mixology specialists to taste and determine the best spirits that make the best classic and signature cocktails. 

Among the top winners were Broker's London Dry Gin, which provided the base for the best Dry Gin Martini, Glen Garioch 12 Years Old, which made the best Scotch Whisky, and Tres Agaves Blanco which produced the best margarita. Other notable winners include Banks 5 Island Rum, which swept the light rum category, producing the best Daiquiri, Mai Tai, and Mojito, and Russell's Reserve 10 Years Old Bourbon, which won all drinks in its category for best Manhattan, Old-Fashioned, and Whiskey Sour. 

Because the average consumer can't devote the same kind of concentrated time and money into discovering his favorite brands, the panel of judges led by UBC founder F. Paul Pacult and Co-Judging Chariman Sean Ludford tirelessly tasted and rated hundreds of cocktails. "We believe that UCC ratings provide consumers with the necessary information for the best spirit to use in simple cocktails that they can make at home," says Pacult in a press release for the event.

This year's winners should feel especially proud because with more than 50 proprietary entries, only five Signature Cocktail recipes were deemed worthy enough to be dubbed an "award-worthy cocktail." Pacult explains, "This year we were surprised that many of the Signature Cocktail entries did not show off their featured spirit to its best advantage or produce a great-tasting and balanced cocktail."

Each Signature Cocktail entry was scored on a 100-point scale. The five selected winners of the Ultimate Cocktail Challenge Chairman's Trophy received a score of 90 points or higher.

• Aperol Aperitif – "Aperol Spritz"

• Cointreau Liqueur – "Cointreau-Sherry Cobbler"

• Mandarine Napoléon Citrus Liqueur – "The Napoleon Complex"

• Pernod Absinthe – "Pernod's Garden"

• St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur – "The St-Germain Cocktail"

For  a complete list of winners, click here