'Milking' is the New Planking, Everyone Beware

New trend involves pouring a jug of milk over your head — yes, we’re serious.

Yep, "milking" is the new planking.

First it was planking. (In case you live under a rock, that’s where people take photos of themselves in a horizontal plank position in various, bizarre locations.) And then planking spawned owling, leisure diving, and coning. And now... milking?

No, we don’t mean milking a cow. Thanks to the Huffington Post for pointing out the latest (and equally weird) fad; milking is, of course, as senseless and hilarious as all the other fads we’ve recently seen sweeping social media. It’s simple: just pour a jug of milk over your head in a public (and embarrassing, but hopefully not incriminating) location while friends or passerby capture the antics on camera. The trend is said to be born in from Newcastle in Northeast England, when several students were filmed drenching themselves with the beverage. Though posted only a week ago, the video has since received tons of hits, and the craze is taking off in the U.K. If the popularity of planking is any indicator, we bet we’ll be seeing much more milking in the U.S. in the next few weeks.

All we can say is, at least planking was dry. And let’s not forget the rising prices of milk, too — maybe save the gallon for your cereal. 

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