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For years, we bought the myth that sushi was an inviolable tradition, understood only by the Japanese and impervious to modernization. Then Nobu Matsuhisa came along to disprove the latter — and American chefs like Tim Cushman at O Ya in Boston (see No. 24) and, in 2003, Tyson Cole at Uchi and Uchiko in Austin tossed these notions aside like empty sake bottles. There's no telling what classicists would make of Cole's hakujin roll with salmon, white asparagus, pear, and cauliflower, or machi cure with smoked baby yellowtail, yucca crisp, Asian pear, marcona almond, and garlic brittle, but the hungry visitors who crowd his Austin Uchi and the Uchi he opened in Houston in 2012 eat it all up. A new Uchi is set to open in Dallas this spring under the guidance of chef Nilton “Junior” Borges, Jr., who previously worked the line in New York City at Colicchio & Sons and was executive chef at Amali.

— Arthur Bovino, 101 Best Restaurants, April 1, 2015



  • Want sushi? T. Mills would tell you to go to UchiI!
  • When executive chef and owner Tyson Cole first opened shop in 2003, Uchi instantly became both a sushi and a fine-dining game changer. Quality and craft still out of this world. Reservations a must.
  • Since 2003, Uchi has received raves for avant-garde creations such as foie gras sushi with pomegranate. Bon Apptit named it one of our Top 10 Sushi Spots in the Country.
  • don't spend your money on the "traditional" sushi (nigiri or maki) the rice is terrible; its the creative entrees and sashimi concoctions that really shine here.
  • If you have only one restaurant to eat at in Austin, make it Uchi. Chef Tyson Cole puts out Japanese food like youve never had inventive, fun, immensely addictive. -Monica Pope, Top Chef
  • Have dinner. Long wait but great food (sushi and fusion).
  • Mortgage your house and get one of everything. It'll be the best decision you ever made.
  • sushi place
  • Let's just get this out of the way: younger sibling Uchiko is better. But like Manning and Brady or Magic and Bird, you won't go wrong by choosing either one.
  • Japanese food may not be one of the first things you think of in Austin, but try the daily-updated menu for new flavors that will thrill your tastebuds with Tokyo authenticity.
  • The Shag is incredible!!!
  • The hot rock is the bomb!
  • Probably the best sushi I have ever had, and I lived in California for 7 years! Try the Avocado Bake!
  • Everything is great here. Madai, sake, hotate, sake, every fish I tried was top notch!
  • Don't get the shag like everyone suggests. Get a roll in which you can appreciate the freshness and quality of the fish instead.
  • Everything is so fresh and exquisitely executed. My taste buds dance every time I think of this place. The walu walu, hot rock beef, hamachi...even the foie gras sushi - can't wait to go again!
  • If you come during Social Hour (5-6:30 everyday) you can order everything on the social hour menu without breaking the bank :)
  • Executive chefs Tyson Cole and Phillip Speer have won numerous awards and been featured in magazines across the country. Send your compliments their way!
  • Make sure you try their hotate, tako pops, pork belly, toro dish, rice in hot stone, and dessert!!
  • Japanese food in Texas may seem like a joke but you can't front when it comes to their hot rock option. Literally its 'sear it yourself' wagyu with the best ponzu sauce this side of the Mississippi

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