What You Can Do to Aid Typhoon Victims in the Philippines

How to get relief to those in need
Richard Whitecombe/ Shutterstock

A building lies in ruins following Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda in the Philippines.

With the Philippines utterly devastated by the destructive typhoon, many sources are reporting the survivors' pleas for food and water. About half of the Philippines' population lives in rural areas, many of which were destroyed by the storm. The Daily Mail reported that "survivors walked the streets 'like zombies looking for food' while looters ransacked shops and mobs attacked aid trucks loaded with food, tents, and water." They further reported that more than 600,000 people were displaced by the storm across the country and some have no access to food, water, or medicine, according to the UN. Multiple sources estimate that the death toll will exceed 10,000 victims.

While there are many ways to contribute to recovery efforts, aid organizations say that clean water and food are desperately needed to revitalize the people. To be a part of the solution, we compiled a list of relief efforts that you can securely contribute to in an effort to support the Filipino people in their darkest hours:

United Nations World Food Programme

So far, the program has given $2 million in support and will send more than 40 tons of high-energy biscuits. They are also closely working with the Filipino government to improve logistics and emergency communication systems so the donations they collect can effectively arrive.
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Red Cross

The Red Cross is working on the ground to help connect families, mobilize communication lines, and offer support for those desperately in need. They're accepting donation/support checks mailed to local Red Cross chapters with "Philippines Typhoons and Flood" in the memo line.
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World Vision

The organization is seeking to raise $20 million to help the families affected by this tragedy. They are also trying to provide everything from food and blankets to hygiene kits, emergency shelter, and protection for children to help them cope.

Mercy Corps

This organization already sent emergency response teams to bring food, water, shelter, and other necessary supplies to survivors and is looking for any donations to further their efforts.
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The organization has sent shipments containing enough medical aid for 20,000 survivors, including antibiotics, wound care supplies, and pain relievers. In addition, they are providing $10,000 in funding that will allow partners to purchase and distribute relief supplies in the hardest-hit areas.
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The immediate focus for this organization is the essentials. They are looking for ways to provide ground support to survivors who are seeking food, water, and shelter.
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