Tyler Florence Cooked For President Obama

While everyone else was eating a plate of leftover pasta (or actually cooking or getting real food like real adults), Obama was working a fundraising dinner, and Food Network's Tyler Florence was the man behind the meal.

The dinner, hosted in the backyard of a Tampa, Fla., mansion, cost guests $20,000 per plate for a meal that included smoked almond foam, burrata, squash, quail eggs, and banana mustard. We feel super classy just writing that.

The full menu, compiled from tweets and courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle, started off with burrata with basil, peach, and berry, followed by a squash and quail egg ravioli, chicken-fired quail, crispy fried pork belly, and corn pudding with zucchini confit and smoked almond foam. For dessert, Wayfare Tavern pastry chef whipped up coconut shortbread with Key lime and parsley curd, blackberries, and a vanilla lime pavlova.

Check out some photos over on Obama Foodorama, although we're waiting for the video of Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder playing a Hawaiian ukelele, saying, "It's got a little birth certificate right in there." Yep, that happened.