Two Swiss Hospitality-Management Schools Rank Among the World's Best


The Switzerland-based Glion Institute of Higher Education and the Les Roches International School of Hotel Management rank among the top three hospitality schools in the world, according to a recent survey conducted by Taylor Nelson Sofres Travel & Tourism, an industry market research firm.

Photo Courtesy of Glion Institute of Higher Education

"Glion continues to lead the world in providing the highest-quality international hospitality management education," said Michael Huckaby, interim CEO of Glion. "The goal of top international hospitality management schools is to prepare managers to compete successfully in a rapidly changing world. This survey, like a similar one in 2010, confirms that the hospitality industry understands and appreciates the unique nature of our education model, which combines practical instruction with academic study at different campuses and in professional internships abroad."

Photo Courtesy of Les Roches International School

Both schools are members of the Laureate International Universities network, a hospitality-management-education group with four institutions with locations in seven countries. The survey was conducted among 50,000 hiring managers from luxury hotels located in 80 countries, with the objective of ranking international hospitality management schools providing university-level degree programs.

Photo Courtesy of Les Roches International School

The survey found that 56 percent of luxury hotel hiring managers prefer to hire graduates who have received training in more than one country, something that both Glion and Les Roches offer their students. At Les Roches, for example, students can study at the school’s campuses in China, Jordan, and Spain, while Glion has an additional campus in London.

Photo Courtesy of Les Roches International School

"Our new Les Roches global bachelor's degree and its internship component provide students with up to five destinations during their studies, which is unique for programs in hospitality management," said Sonia Tatar, CEO of Les Roches Worldwide. According to Les Roches, 89 percent of its graduates have a job or multiple offers at the time of graduation, while Glion has an 86 percent placement rate. Apparently, class is not dismissed by hoteliers when it comes to selecting their personnel.