Two People In Indiana Hospitalized After Eating Skittles

After eating from a package of Skittles, two people in Richmond, Ind. were hospitalized on March 4th for symptoms that included cramping, burning throats, and diarrhea.

On March 6th, the Indiana State Health Department issued a public safety warning "based on test results conducted with equipment available in the field, and urged anyone with Skittles from two particular batches not to eat the candy, and to contact the police.

Food Safety News reports that although the unusual incident was originally thought to be a case of contamination of two lots of Skittles, local health officials have found no unusual chemical substances. Advanced investigation, which involved testing Skittles samples from the Marathon Food Mart, the original place of purchase, showed that no toxins were present in the candy.

The cause of illness for the two patients continues to elude public health officials, although the state department says that it will continue to investigate what happened. 

Karen Lo is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @appleplexy