The Two New Books Every Men's Style Maven Must Have


Here are two new coffee table books coming out this season that are a must for every serious aficionado of men's style: Unseen McQueen and GQ Men. Unseen McQueen, due out in November from the Reel Art Press, features the photography of Barry Feinstein, a close friend of iconic actor Steve McQueen the King of Cool. Feinstein photographed McQueen at the race track, on the San Francisco set of the classic 1968 film Bullitt, and just relaxing with friends—but at all times displaying the effortless style and easy elegance that became his hallmark. Feinstein shared McQueen's passion for fast cars and motorcycles; his pictures, taken between 1960–1968, capture the true essence of the star. 

GQ Men is a lavish volume from French luxury publisher Assouline, covering 50 years of fashion imagery from the famed men's magazine.

Over 200 photos feature GQ men of the last half century from carefully coiffed models to the likes of Paul Newman, Brad Pitt, Barack Obama and Ralph Lauren. Presented in a collector quality slipcase, Assouline has said it will not supply the book to Amazon or other online discounters in order to maintain its exclusivity. The volume features a foreword by Jim Nelson, editor-in-chief of GQ since 2003, and an introduction by Glenn O'Brien, the magazine's witty Style Guy columnist. Make room on those modernist coffee tables, men. 

Unseen McQueen is available online at Reel Art Press and is priced at $29.95. GQ Men is available online at Assouline and is priced at $150.