Two British-Inspired Restaurants From Jones Wood Foundry Coming To Midtown Manhattan

Jones Wood Foundry's chef Jason Hicks and partner Yves Jadot plan to open two new restaurants in Midtown's William Hotel, Peacock and Shakespeare.

Hicks and Jadot hired a new chef, Robert Aikens, to run Peacock and Shakespeare, which are set to open early in the fall, Grub Street reported. Peacock will have "British food like we serve at Jones Wood Foundry... but to the next step," Hicks told Grub Street, and Shakespeare will be a pub serving British beers, cask ales, and British pub food.

Although Shakespeare is just below Peacock, there will be separate entrances, a PR representative told The Daily Meal. Peacock will have a bar and lounge called the Library, a chef's garden to grow herbs for dishes, and an outdoor terrace, the representative added. As for Shakespeare, Hicks took inspiration from a 16th century pub in the bard's native Stratford Upon-Avon. The 10,000 square feet restaurant and pub are currently under construction, and specific restaurant details may change.

In the meantime, we can still enjoy fish and chips and a pint of Jones Wood Foundry's cask ale on the Upper East Side.