Twinkies Officially Going Out of Business and More News

In today's Weekly Media Mix, 'Chef Wanted' winner claims prize was withheld, plus tips for making pie crust this holiday season

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After failing to come up with an agreement with bakers on strike, Hostess is finally shutting down, ending the production of Twinkies. What will happen after the apocolypse? [CNN]

Since OpenTable makes $1 for every seated guest at a restaurant, restaurants actually prefer if you call in for a reservation. Who knew? [Chicago Tribune]

Chefs and Personalities
Tully Wilson, winner of competition show Chef Wanted, claims he never got his prize, which was supposedly a job offer at Olives in New York City from noted troublemaker Todd English. Lots of legal jargon and he said, she said is sure to ensue. [HuffPo]

Cooking Tips
Just for the holidays, here's a recap of the perfect pie crust. [NY Times]

Apparently, chefs are all about the wood-burning ovens now. Figures. [WSJ]


After scouring eBay, you might find yourself spending $180 on everything Guy Fieri-related. [Daily Dot]