Tweeting About Wine

Tips on tweeting about wine and pairings in our ever-expanding Twitterverse.

Totally loving this cool Maso Canali Pinot Grigio with tonight's din din of seared halibut and pesto pasta. #PairItShareIt

Tweet all about it! Yes, millions of plugged-in peeps share their innermost thoughts on just about every possible topic, 140 characters at a time, in the ever-expanding Twitterverse.

This virtual wine tasting movement is a fun way to meet up with old friends and meet new ones, especially when comparing notes about your favorite Italian Pinot Grigio, the refreshing white that pairs so well with food. That’s the premise of one tasting group you should check out, using the hashtag #PairItShareIt, which is a rolling discussion exploring great dishes to serve with food-friendly Italian Pinot Grigio. You know, pair this refreshing white and then share your perfect pairing with friends on Twitter.

Some of the most entertaining Tweets you’ll ever read are about food and wine and all sorts of combinations of those two endlessly fascinating subjects. While it’s fun to weigh in with your own Tweet-views, this insanely popular social network’s also a great way to track the palates of those you follow, whether they’re neighbors right next door or someone across the country you’ve never met.

It’s perfectly proper to pose questions, too.

Hey, wine geeks! Can anybody tell me if there's a difference between Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio? #EnquiringMindsWantToKnow

You never know who might answer, possibly even a winemaker or a smart sommelier, who checks TweetDeck on her smart phone in between opening bottles for appreciative diners.

Super Som says: Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio are part of the same family tree, but vary depending on region grown + winemaking traditions.

Have you ever participated in a liquid meet-up online?
No need to wait for a formal invite, just search for #PairItShareIt and then dive in to post short tasting notes on some of your favorite Italian Pinot Grigio and food pairings. Just remember, keep the discussion polite. There’s never a need to harsh somebody’s buzz and call them silly for loving whatever is in their glass. When it comes to wine: To each, his (or her) own!