HBO Bases Plotline on Feuding Restaurateurs

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Real-life restaurant rivalries are popping up on the small screen
Monkey Bar, in New York City
Courtesy of Monkey Bar

Monkey Bar, in New York City

If you happen to have HBO, you may have noticed a funny plotline going on with the Jonathan Ames series Bored to Death.

Ex-magazine editor George Christopher (Ted Danson) opens a locavore restaurant called George on Jane, bragging that all his ingredients come from within a one hundred-mile radius of New York City. His rival, Richard Antrem (Oliver Platt), opens a competing restaurant, Richard and Sons, proclaiming that his raw materials are sourced from within 50 miles of Manhattan.

The strange thing is that George on Jane looks oddly like Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter's Monkey Bar (or is it his Waverly Inn?) while Richard and Sons resembles The Lion. (We won't make too much of the fact that Oliver Platt's brother, Adam, is the restaurant critic for New York Magazine.)

Now, The Lion's chef-proprietor, John DeLucie, may not be a magazine editor, but he did publish a memoir. And, hey, DeLucie did leave Carter's Waverly Inn for The Lion — so nice try, HBO, but we're onto you.

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