TV Chef Clarissa Dickson Wright of ‘Two Fat Ladies’ Has Died

The co-star of 'Two Fat Ladies' was known for her passion for rich recipes and fresh ingredients

The 'Two Fat Ladies' were beloved for their bold and spirited pursuit of the most indulgent, fat-friendly recipes, made with fresh ingredients.

Clarissa Dickson Wright, television chef and half of the culinary team Two Fat Ladies on BBC Two, passed away Saturday, March 15, according to The Guardian. On their show, which ran on the BBC from 1996 to 1999, Wright and co-star Jennifer Paterson traveled around the world in a motorbike and sidecar, happily preparing heavy-handed meals for large groups of people.

The series, which lasted four seasons, spawned four cookbooks and reruns on Food Network and the Cooking Channel.

Two Fat Ladies BBC producer Patricia Llewellyn told The Guardian that Wright and Paterson first met when Wright, a barrister at the time, “decided to launch a one-woman campaign to get the cardoon back on the British dining table. The cardoon is a prickly vegetable (an edible thistle), and not immediately lovable, but wonderful when you get to know it. It couldn't have found a better champion."

Though Paterson, who passed away in 1999, had no culinary training, she and Wright teamed up for a cooking show that prominently featuring fresh ingredients, strong flavors, and recipes rich in fat. Two Fat Ladies went on to become enormously popular at home, and enjoy a cult following outside of the U.K. 


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