Turn Water Into Wine With Miracle Machine's Home Device

The Miracle Machine claims to be able to turn water (along with other basic ingredients) into wine in just 3 days with the device's intricate home-fermentation process, all powered from the product's smartphone app. Miracle Machine isn't for sale just yet, but co-founders Philip James and Kevin Boyer will be starting their Kickstarter for their miraculous project very soon. After the product hits shelves, however, you too will be able to make your own wine for the hefty sum of $499 (priced at $299 for the first Miracle Machine customers).

"We joked about the wine to water miracle and how with today's technology it would not only be possible, but likely," said Boyer, who also owns CustomVines, a custom wine label making company with James.  "The result is a miniaturized version of the exact same process that wine goes through in the best wine regions around the world. We were both surprised at how good it tastes."

Boyer explained that the home winemaker would have to buy the basic ingredients needed to make wake, including grape concentrate and yeast, which will be available both on their website and on Amazon. Then hobbyists caninsert the ingredients and wait as the fermentation process takes place (which includes a refractometer to measure the sugar content and air diffuser pumps to aerate the liquid.)

Lastly, just sit back and watch as your Miracle Machine app lets you know how your wine is coming along. Once the device is available, amateur winemakers will be able to buy Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, an aged Tuscan blend, Sauvignon Blanc, and Burgundy varieties. 

UPDATE: The Water to Wine 'Miracle Machine' has been revealed to be a publicity stunt to bring greater attention to the Wine to Water international charity, which brings clean water to the developing world.