Turkey Soup: Our 10 Best Recipes

When the Thanksgiving feast is through, you can always count on there being leftovers. And most commonly, you are left with excess turkey. But what can you do with that leftover bird? Well, you can make a sandwich like everyone else does. Or you can do what we do at The Daily Meal and make a mean turkey soup.

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Soup is great for leftovers because you can use every part of the turkey, from the meat all the way down to the carcass. (Don't throw it out — you can use the bones of the turkey to add a savory flavor to soup the same way that beef or chicken bones do.)

Consider swapping out beef for turkey in Italian Wedding Soup, or make your classic chicken soup recipe with turkey instead of chicken. And since Hanukkah falls during the same time as Thanksgiving this year, a matzo ball soup recipe with turkey and noodles would be a perfect start to dinner. We also have an awesome recipe from BLT Prime that utilizes all Thanksgiving leftovers, including stuffing and cranberry chutney, together with turkey consommé (made from turkey bones). Or, you don't have to be thinking of the holidays when you're making soup; one of our favorites is a spiced up Asian-style turkey pho.

Let's face it: it's chilly out there, and there is nothing more comforting than the combination of leftovers and a big bowl of soup. So click through to see our 10 best turkey soup recipes.