Tucson II (Marana) Hooters: Hooters Marana Terminates Interracial Couple after Filing Discrimination Report

Hooters Marana Terminates Interracial Couple after Filing Discrimination Report

Hooters Marana’s general manager Dave Peterson discriminates against interracial couple. The couple filed an 11-page discrimination /harassment report and within four days of filing report they were both terminated (in all of the years the couple had worked here, they had never caused any negative incidents).


The couple had been taking note of inappropriate comments, name-calling and other unacceptable behavior over the course of the time they had worked there. African American male cook had also filed a similar report back in 2008. The report details favoritism between certain employees, different rules in the restaurant for different employees, and many more snide comments. The report also had stated that Dave Peterson refused to look at African American cooks resume and laughed in his face when enquiring about a higher position. Dave Peterson had terminated female employee that had frequently trained Hooters Girls, but refused to make her a higher position, such as a trainer. Hooters cook was also asked to help train cooks that in a couple months made a higher pay-rate than him, even though he has been there since 2004. These are just a couple brief details of their 11-page discrimination report the couple filed.


After researching the company online, this is the exact kind of discrimination that has ran rampant through the Hooters Company and we refuse to sit here and play victim. We will fight our case against Hooters for all of the employees that have been treated in a similar manner that did not have the means to fight back!!! We are sick of watching these managers treat their employees with zero respect and Hooters needs to seriously change some of their policies.


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