TSA Checking Bottles Post-Security

TSA agents testing liquids at airport terminals sparks uproar

water bottles

After video of passengers having their drinks tested at an airport terminal in Columbus, Ohio, over Labor Day weekend was posted online, the Transportation Security Administration says terminal testing of liquids is nothing new, according to NBC News.

While most passengers are familiar with inspections of liquids at security, and restrictions on limiting carry-on liquids to those that comfortably fit in one quart-size clear plastic bag, many seem surprised that TSA agents also randomly test travelers’ liquids in the terminal and at the gate.

The test involves a TSA agent holding a test strip over the liquid and applying a nontoxic solution from the dropper onto the strip to test the liquid. Other countries like Japan conduct testing of liquids at security but, unlike the in the U.S., beverage-toting travelers who pass their drinks through a "Bottle Liquid Checker" machine and pass inspection can bring them through security.

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Lauren Mack is the Travel Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @lmack.