Try A Different White Wine This Summer

If you're looking to change up your wine drinking repertoire a little, you might consider white wines from the Rueda (rue A da) region of Spain. They're well-priced and a refreshing switch from some of your standby whites.

The region recently launched a campaign called do Rueda to promote the wine outside of Spain. Their website and social media initiatives are aimed at educating consumers and letting them know that Spain isn't only about red wines.

Rueda is located northwest of Madrid. The main grape is verdejo, which yields dry, crisp white wines with a hint of both herbs and fruitiness. Many Rueda wines are pair well with summer greens and fish.

Here are a few good Rueda whites for under $15:

HEREDEROS DEL MARQUÉS DE RISCAL Blanco 2011 (Rueda, Spain) $9

BODEGAS NAIA Verdejo 2011 (Rueda, Spain) $14

BODEGAS JORGE ORDONEZ Nisia Old Vine Verdejo 2012 (Rueda, Spain) $15

SHAYA Verdejo Old Vines 2011 (Rueda, Spain) $11

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