Trump-Themed Seafood Restaurant Opens In Iraq

There are a lot of things in the world with Donald Trump's name on them–hotels, board games, universities–but one of the latest is still a bit of a surprise, because someone has opened a Trump-themed seafood restaurant in Iraq.

According to Reuters, the restaurant called Trump Fish opened 10 days ago in Kurdistan, in northern Iraq. It serves fire-roasted carp for about $4.50 a pound, and its logo is a cartoon of Donald Trump, with his hair looking like a bright yellow lightning bolt on top of his head.

The owner of Trump Fish says he registered the restaurant's name months ago with Kurdish authorities, and that he did it because he likes Trump's "strong personality" and because he thought naming the restaurant after Donald Trump would attract business.

He might be right about that one. The restaurant has only been open for 10 days, but it's had its share of customers. The Washington Post reports that Trump is popular in Kurdistan after saying he was a "big fan" of Kurdish forces.