Triscuit and Wheat Thins Roll Out Some Crazy Flavors

The 2 cracker brands are rolling into uncharted territory
Jane Bruce

Triscuits and Wheat Thins have long been dependable, "eat right out of the box" snack foods, no-frills crackers with flavors that are hard not to like. And while the tried-and-true classics aren’t going anywhere, Nabisco, the company that produces them, has rolled out a line of some truly unique, and occasionally bizarre, variations.

First, the Wheat Thins. They’re already available in flavors including ranch, Buffalo, salsa, and barbecue, and now chili cheese and honey mustard have joined the roster. These aren’t just mild flavors; they actually pack quite a punch. The chili cheese has a strong cheese flavor with a hint of spiciness, and the honey mustard most reminded us of those Snyder’s honey mustard flavored pretzel bites that you find in vending machines.

The new Wheat Thins are tame by comparison to the new Triscuit varieties, though. They’ve rolled out five new flavors, all of which incorporate brown rice into the mix. There’s the tomato and sweet basil, which tastes like it got a dunk in marinara sauce (not a bad thing), and sea salt and black pepper, which was our favorite of the bunch, simple and refined. There’s also a new roasted sweet onion flavor, which incorporates both brown rice and sweet potato into the formula, and roasted red pepper and savory red bean flavors, which are baked with red beans. The sweet onion flavor is certainly sweet and oniony, more similar to Subway’s sweet onion sauce than, say, sour cream and onion potato chips. The roasted red pepper variety really tastes like it’s topped with roasted peppers, and the savory red bean is a bit more subtle, with a flavor resembling that of a bowl of red beans and rice. The texture of these new Triscuits also appeared as if the formula was tweaked; they seemed a bit denser, with a more pronounced crunch than their unflavored brethren.


While not every new flavor will make it into the Snack Food Hall of Fame, we certainly applaud Nabisco for thinking outside the box. We must admit, we never expected to see savory red bean brown rice Triscuits!