A Trip To Tony's Seafood Market In Baton Rouge, La.

Blogger Peanut Butter and Peppers continues her journey through Baton Rouge, La. Click here for the full story, along with photos and a recipe. 

Welcome to day 3 of my trip to Baton Rouge!  Today's fun adventure was a trip to Tony's Seafood and Deli in Baton Rouge.  Honestly, when I found out we were going there, I thought boring!  Wow, was I wrong!  This was my favorite event over the weekend!!

Our visit started with a view of the inside of Tony's Seafood Market and Deli. It is a magical place for seafood lovers. They even had a live catfish pool full of fresh, large catfish. When they say their seafood is fresh, they are not kidding! The store was filled with fun things to look at too. They have a full on scale deli full of amazing looking dishes, served up for you to eat right away or to take home. I kind of went crazy buying goodies in this store. Did you know they even had real alligator heads? They were kind of freaky looking, yet fun! My Mom was my guest on this trip and she really wanted to buy an alligator head but was afraid it would get ruined packed in her suitcase.
Our tour began with a behind the scenes look at Tony's! Our tour was given by Steve. Steve made this tour fun! He was funny and he kept on calling us his class and would scold us if we don't listen.  I asked him a question and he said you weren't paying attention to me, were you? Eck.... I got caught. lol He was comical and he really loves his job. There is nothing better when you see the sparkle in someone's eye when they are excited and passionate about something and Steve was all that. 
Oh, one thing I forgot to tell you is the crabs are mean! I took a close up picture of one and it snapped at me!!!  I guess I would be a little crabby too if I was going to be put in boiling water and eaten.  Now for one of my favorite parts of the event, the FOOD!  Yah, I bet that surprises you.  We had so many goodies to try.  We had fried shrimp, cajun shrimp, boudin balls, fried catfish and peach cobbler.  I was a little scared of trying these new dishes, since I never tried catfish or boudin balls.  The fried catfish was AMAZING! It was tender and the flavor of the batter was slightly spicy and it was crispy too!!  I text my Husband and told him I just had catfish and he asked, did it taste like dirt and rubbery?  I said no, it was sooooooo good!  I was surprised!  From what I understand, since catfish are bottom feeders, people think they taste dirty, but they don't.  They don't even taste fishy.  I guess you just have to cook them right.  My Mom, was really surprised too!!  I also had the boudin balls for the first time and oh my gosh amazing!  They looked like a Hush Puppies on the outside and the inside had rice and honestly I am not sure what kind of meat.  I ate a ton of balls that day!!  If you want to see the inside of the boudin balls and catfish, check out my Instagram page.  I took pictures of them for you to see. 
Oh and the Peach Cobbler! Amazing! It wasn't overly sweet, but it was plump, juicy and perfect ending to a fantastic lunch. Steve knew how much I loved the cobbler and he gave me the whole pan to take home. If I was home and not traveling I would have taken that pan in a heart beat and eaten it all!