Trendy Noisy Greasy Smoky

Sorry, didn't love this overpriced sceney spot. The food portions were small, kinda greasy, and way overpriced. Three of us shared a few dishes and we still whopped for 45 dollars each without much of a full stomach.

Didn't love the Asian bend on things, or the snippy tude of the server, who seemed a little put out by having to come to our room way in the back.

Smoke hung faintly in the air, which was a little uncomfortable, but I guess thats part of the scene–haning out with the meat smoke?

I read an article with the owner, and it made me appreciate that he pays more for sustainable grass fed small farm meats. So thats the reason for small portions and high prices. Its less an eatery of good food than a place to mark on your List of Scenes I Attended.