Trend Alert: Foie Gras Hot Dogs

Following the likes of lobster truffle mac and cheese, Black Label burgers, and other high-end comfort foods, foie gras is now being used to make hot dogs, of all things.

NRN reports that several chefs are folding in excess foie gras fat into hot dog meat to make the meat "extra rich."

In Washington D.C., Urbana Restaurant & Wine Bar showcases a $7 "foie brat" on the menu, made with chicken leg meat, pork fat back, and cubed pieces of leftover foie gras.

There's also a food cart, Red Apron Butchery, which uses pork and foie gras fat for a hot dog, topped with black truffles for $10.

In Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., Mar'sel restaurant also experimented with a foie gras bratwurst, replacing some veal with foie gras. Who knows? Maybe hot dogs are coming back as the next burger.

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