Trend Alert: Chef Creates Breakfast-Inspired Ice Cream

Cheerios and cinnamon rolls inspire chef Janina O’Leary to create frozen treats

Cheerios Berry Swirl Ice Cream

What’s your favorite type of Cheerios? Honey Nut? Frosted? How about Cheerios Berry Swirl ice cream? That’s right. Chef Janina O’Leary of Trace restaurant at the W Austin in Austin, Texas, has created a dessert featuring this classic breakfast cereal. 

The Cherrios Berry Swirl ice cream (Check out the recipe here!) is created by cooking Cheerios with cream, eggs, salt, and sugar and freezing the mixture. The berries are added later. 

O’Leary got the idea for the ice cream from her son’s favorite breakfast: Cheerios with strawberries. 

The chef has also created an even sweeter dessert inspired by breakfast foods. Her Cinnamon Roll ice cream (Check out the recipe here!) is created by steeping freshly baked cinnamon rolls in cream and blending.

"I like having balance in my desserts," O’Leary said. "I think it’s a great thing to be able to turn a filling, comforting dessert (like the cinnamon roll) into something light and playful for the summer. The trick is keeping the flavors balanced and not too sweet."

Next up, O’Leary is creating a waffle chocolate swirl ice cream. 

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