You Won't Believe What Americans Are Smuggling in From Canada

You probably had it in the ‘90s

Become a Dunkaroo exporter or importer

A cinnamon graham cookie dipped in vanilla frosting: Dunkaroos were a '90s favorite for kids across North America. Sadly, they were discontinued in the U.S. in 2012. But Americans couldn’t let go of this sweet tragedy and found another way to get their hands on these snacks — by smuggling them in bulk across the Canadian border. 


That’s right, nostalgic sugar-lovers that can’t shake their cravings are sneaking in Dunkaroos. After finding out, General Mills had a surprising reaction. The company recently created an entire website dedicated to making the smuggling process easier for all willing participants. The site is appropriately called Smugglaroos and not only encourages Canadians to assist in the activity, but also puts Canadians traveling to the U.S. in touch with Americans who want to safely meet for a tasty Dunkaroo exchange.



When you first open the site, you are asked to choose whether you will be a Canadian exporter or an American importer. Once you register and sign in, you are matched with either an import or export member, depending on which country you’re in. General Mills has also included on the site a safety guideline for your meeting, urging you to not give away personal information, to choose a public place, and to bring someone with you. (Not sketchy at all, right?)