You Won’t Find this Subway Sandwich in America


Because seriously, who says cheese and seafood don’t mix?

Virtually every country you can name has at least one Subway. If you’re ever walking the beaches in Costa Rica, and you’re suddenly hit with a craving for a Footlong, not to worry; there are 261 Subway locations to choose from.  In fact, there are currently 42,859 Subway restaurants in 108 countries around the world, and boy, do these Subways offer some truly fascinating sandwich options.

But you won’t find the typical Footlong from country to country. Whether it’s McDonald’s, Subway, KFC, or any other American fast food chain, the menu starts to look pretty different as soon as you leave our borders.

Head to a subway in Japan, and you’ll have the option to tuck into a shrimp melt. That’s right — not a tuna melt, but a shrimp melt.


Because seriously, who says cheese and seafood don’t mix? Not Japanese Subway. In the Land of the Rising Sun, you can get shrimp and vegetables smothered in cheese on a classic Subway bun. Sounds weirdly delicious.