Do Our Eyes Deceive Us? Does This Restaurant Serve Food In A Toilet?

Peer through the window at this restaurant and you might see a swirled brown item being served in what looks like a miniature toilet bowl. No, it's not what you think – it's chocolate ice cream, and this popular restaurant chain, Modern Toilet, is wildly popular in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China. Guests sit on acrylic toilets with different designs, talk at tables that are bathroom sinks covered with glass, and dine out of toilet-inspired dishes.

Owner Wang Tzi-wei had the idea for a bathroom-themed eatery while reading a manga called Dr. Slump, which includes a significant amount of toilet humor. He and a few others opened the first Modern Toilet in Taipei in 2004, following a well-founded dream of having a bit of fun and making people laugh. Tzi-wei has plans to expand to even more locations soon.

Fluffy bathrobes adorn the walls of the restaurant alongside showerheads and towel racks. Menu items include "green dysentery," or kiwi-flavored ice cream, as well as shaved ice, beef curry, Thai coconut chicken, and pork fillet with black pepper sauce.

Don't forget to take home your souvenir – if you ordered a drink, the miniature urinal it came in is yours to keep.