Is This the World's Most Expensive Restaurant?

There is a reason the world’s richest celebrities party in Ibiza

 Sublimotion is located in the Hard Rock Hotel in Playa de Bossa.

We all know that fine dining often comes at a price, but how much are you willing to pay for an incredible meal? 

rom Japan to Europe to the Big Apple, luxe dining menus are often carefully designed tasting courses paired with wines, which substantially adds to the consumer’s bottom line.

The Daily Meal recently rounded up a list of the most expensive restaurants in the world by average price per person. The per-person cost is an estimate based on the most recent menu prices and includes food and beverage pairing. Sublimotion in Ibizia came out on top with a hefy pricetag of $2,078 per person. Not only is this the most expensive restaurant in the world, but it is also one of the world's best hotel restaurants, making an appearance on The Daily Meal's list of 101 Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World.

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There is a reason the world’s richest celebrities party in Ibiza. It’s not just the lush beaches that Leonardo and the Bieb love, but also the amazing dining experiences, the most indulgent of which is offered by Sublimotion. Described by head chef Paco Rancero as a “radically different show that you can only live by yourself,” the restaurant is located in the Hard Rock Hotel in Playa de Bossa and allows for only 12 guests at a time. The exclusive venue offers a 20-course “gastro-sensory” meal that is intended to “elicit an emotional experience” and allow you to experience humor, pleasure, fear, reflection, and nostalgia in one bite. It’s probably how you’ll feel when you get the $2,000 bill, too.