The World's 50 Best Places For Celebrating Christmas

Spend this holiday season in a gorgeous spot halfway across the world — or even just a few hours away, if you're lucky enough. There are so many wonderful cities and regions in which to experience the holidays in full-swing — spots with jaw-dropping light displays, extravagant street decorations, bustling open markets, and all sorts of winter activities.

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Catch the aurora borealis in Iceland or hang out by the beach with Santa Claus in Key West. You can also spend Christmas strolling down the cobblestone streets of Castleton in north-central England or attend a midnight mass in Goa. If you're thinking about spending Christmas somewhere special this year, or if you're already planning a holiday jaunt for next year, check out these 50 places around the world that are perfect for celebrating the Christmas season.

—Bianca Bahamondes contributed to this roundup.