The World's 13 Weirdest Gum Flavors (Slideshow)

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1. Bacon Gumballs, U.S.

In America, we love our bacon, and somehow find an excuse to put it in everything — even chewing gum. These specialties are perfect for anyone who wants bacon flavor without all those fat calories.

2. Wasabi Gumballs, U.S.

Specialty brand Archie McPhee has crafted the spicy essence of wasabi into a perfectly packaged gumball for those yearning for a more outlandish flavor of gum. While it won't freshen breath, it might help you kick that sushi craving; or at least hold you over until your next spicy tuna roll. 

3. TV Dinner Gumballs, U.S.

This gumball variety pack doesn't have just one flavor, it has three. Gum lovers can sample beef, corn, and apple cobbler to bring together a cornucopia of flavors. It's TV dinner in its finest (and smallest) form.

4. Man Smell Gum, Japan

While some men need fresh breath, others might seek freshness from head to toe. This Japanese gum targets older men who are looking for an aroma reboot. The rose essence in the gum will supposedly seep into one's pores to make those chewing it an olfactory pleasure to be around. 

5. Meatball Bubble Gum, U.S.

Italian cuisine lovers can indulge in a meatball-flavored bubble gum, though it doesn't come with a side of spaghetti or marinara sauce. The gumballs are shaped like meatballs for that added touch of realism. 

6. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Gum, U.S.

As part of the "Desserts Delights" campaign by Wrigley's Extra Gum, the company rolled out a new flavor inspired by mint chocolate chip ice cream. Despite the sweet sounding flavor, the gum is actually sugar-free. 

7. Thanksgiving Gumballs, U.S.

There are few things more comforting to an American palate than the delicious taste of a big forkful of turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. For those who love Thanksgiving and want to experience it all year long, the Thanksgiving gumball pack is just for you. The packet includes turkey, cranberry, and pumpkin pie varieties. 

8. Foie Gras Bubble Gum, U.S.

There's now a gum flavor for even the most elevated of palates. Foie gras bubble gum tastes just as one would imagine: like delicious fattened duck liver. Yum.

9. Airwaves Menthol and Eucalyptus, Europe

In Europe, they take fresh breath seriously. Wrigley's in the UK manufactures a gum known as Airwaves. It not only contains the minty freshness of menthol but also the soothing eucalyptus flavor. The company also produced ginseng- and honey-and-lemon-flavored gum but discontinued those lines in recent years.

10. Motitas Banana Gum, Mexico

Mexico is famous for its bananas, and the flavor adapts surprisingly well to this soft bubblegum, a popular ingredient in piñatas. 

11. Pepperfruits Gum, Japan

Japan is over-the-top adventurous when it comes to their gum flavors, and this Pepperfruits gum is a good example. It melds together the sweetness of fruit-flavored bubblegum with the spiciness of black pepper, a powerful combination.

12. Black, Black Gum, Japan

Japan is at it again with its inventive Black, Black gum that promises consumers it will give them the caffeinated boost they need. The product claims that the caffeine in the gum is absorbed three times faster than that in a cup of coffee, but with the added bonus of minty freshness.

13. Pickle Gumballs, U.S.

If you're a pickle addict, these will be right up your alley. Each pack comes with 22 dill-flavored gumballs full of pickle goodness, though with less overall sodium than their vegetable counterpart.